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All about spinnerbaits, chatterbaits and buzzbaits

What is a spinnerbait?

In its broadest definition, a spinnerbait is any lure that uses a spinner of some form to create flash and vibration that attracts fish. In Australia, we refer to inline spinners as celtas, spinners or tail spinners.

A spinnerbait consists of a wire form bent to 90 degrees with one or more blades attached to one arm of the form and a hook molded to the other arm with molten lead. Skirts made of silicone rubber and/or soft plastic trailers are added to the lure to increase its profile and create extra attraction on top of the vibration and flash created by the blade/s.
Several variations of the original design now exist, included twin- spins and quad- spins that are intended to increase the catch rate.

The original "coat-hanger" design has been modified to produce twin and quad-spins with the aim of increasing the vibration. 

Why do our products work? Native fish sense the vibration of a lure before they see it. Knowing this, Native Lures builds spinnerbaits with bigger blades, meaning our lures produce more vibration to bring in the big fish! We have a wide range of skirt colours to choose from that can be used in all conditions and to give you confidence in your lure.

What is a Chatterbait?

Chatterbaits produce a phenomenal amount of vibration for a relatively small lure. In many ways, they can be fished the same way as spinnerbaits. Chatterbaits differ though, in that they generally require a retrieve to make the blade 'dance'.

Work your lure using a variety of retrieves until you find something that works. Add one of our soft plastics to bulk up your lure and increase the profile.